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Compounding Specialist of Yakima

3910 Summitview Ave Suite #140                Yakima, WA 98902                                             Phone: 509-966-9672     Fax: 509-972-8324

Pharmacist Lee Neal, has been a pharmacist since 1972, graduating from Idaho State University.  Lee has been compounding medications for the last 15 years and is a member of the PCCA avidly attending their seminars on Hormones, Adrenal and Thyroid function as well as homeopathy to further his education.

There are very specific requirements for compounding medications, which are set down in a set of regulations and requirements commonly referred to as USP 797 which provides enforceable standards for medication preperation, potency, and sterility.DSC00332.JPG

  • We make customized medication compounded for physician's use
  • We offer compounded products that are not commercially available
  • Quality control and assurance w/end product testing ensures all of our products meet the Highest Quality Standards.


 Testosterone Cypionate 200mg  Methimazole 5mg/0.1ml transdermal cream
 Hyaluronidase 150u/ml  Potassium Bromide capsules/liquid
 Methotreate 25 mg/ml w/preservatives  Clinclamycin 30mg/0.1ml transdermal cream
   Diethylstilbistrol 1mg capsules
 OPTHALMICS  Amitriptyline 1.25mg/0.1ml transdermal cream
 Diclofenac 0.1% eye drops        TOPICALS
 Cyclosporin 1 & 2% eye drops             Ketoprofen 10% cream
 Cyclosporin 1 & 2% ointments             Hydrocortisone 10% cream
 Vancomycin eye drops             Salicylic Acid 12% cream
 Tropicamicle 0.25%              LCD 10% fluocinonide .05% ointment
 Phenyleprine 1.25% eye drops  
 Testosterone Cream  
 Estradiol & Estriol Lozenges  
 Progesterone Suppositories & Creams  


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